To access the SelezioniOnline application you should access using Username and Password chosen during the registration procedure.
Please note that, if you have already participated to a selection, then it is not necessary to register again.

To register, please use the link Register.
For further information please refer to the "Access/registration" section in the User Manual.
For assistance, please use the Helpdesk service.

Applicants who already have official credentials from CNR can use them to access the system without additional registration. In order to manage CNR official credentials please use the following link:

SPID, Sistema Pubblico di Identità Digitale, is the access system that allows to sign-in to the online services of the Public Administration and accredited private institutions, using a single digital identity.
If you already have SPID, please access using the credentials from your provider.
If you don't have SPID, you can request it to one of the providers.