Temporary PNRR - 400.2 IBIOM PNRR



Selection by qualifications and interview pursuant to article 8 of the "Regulations concerning the recruitment of personnel with fixed-term employment contracts", for the recruitment, pursuant to article 83 of the National Collective Labour Agreement for the 2016-2018 “Education and Research” sector, signed on 19 April 2018, of 2 staff members with a professional profile of Technologist III level, at the Istituto di Biomembrane, Bioenergetica e Biotecnologie Molecolari (IBIOM) - Bari (IT)

Position available


Detailed requirements

a) Master's Degree (Magistrale or Specialistica), or single cycle Master's Degree related to the topic of the project; decisions regarding the relevance of the degree are of competence of the exam Commission.
For degrees obtained abroad, non-academic recognition is required according to the procedure indicated in article 38 of Legislative Decree No. 165/2001 with the procedures set out in article 2 of the Decree of the President of the Republic No. 189/2009, amended by article 1 paragraph 28-quinquies of Law No. 15/2022. The candidate who is not yet in possession of the provision for recognition of the foreign qualification must declare in the application form that he / she has submitted the relative request. In this case the candidate will be admitted to the selection with reserve, it being understood that this recognition must be presented before the stipulation of the employment contract;

b) At least three years of experience in two or more of the following subjects:

  1. Development and implementation of scientific software for the analysis of large datasets, preferably implemented with one or more of the following programming languages: C/C++, R and Python;

  2. Use of Unix-like operating systems and related development and work environments;

  3. Use of Cloud Computing platform management systems (e.g. OpenStack) and automation software (e.g. Ansible);

  4. Installation, management and maintenance of complex applications on distributed and parallel computing systems (cluster, grid and cloud computing);

  5. Use of distributed version control systems for software development (e.g. git). or possession of the title of Research Doctor or a PhD relevant to the field of experience requested.

c) knowledge of the English language.

Profile/Level (Italian)

Tecnologo III livello

Entity (Italian)


Office (Italian)

Institute of Biomembranes, Bioenergetics and Molecular Biotechnologies - BARI

Starting date

31/01/2023 21:00:00


02/03/2023 18:00:00